Which is better? A visit to your local beauty boutique, or treatments from the comfort of your home?

The home beauty treatment market has grown in recent years and, given the fact that salons were closed for much of a two-year period during Covid, it’s easy to see why. But, as the world opens up again, you are presented with a choice of how to get all your favourite treatments. But how do you decide between visiting a beauty boutique or using home treatments?

This article explores the difference between heading out to Leicester and Loughborough beauty salons for a relaxing session with a professional, and attempting to recreate the experience in your own home.

Beauty Boutique Information

Liberty Hall is a beauty boutique based on Stadon Road in Anstey. We are a small but dedicated team of professional, talented and experienced therapists and aesthetic practitioners. We always work to the highest standards to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations, tailoring our services to your individual circumstances. After all, there are so many different skin types and differences between each person’s needs that every customer deserves that individual touch.

We recommend various beauty and aesthetic treatments after a thorough consultation with you. Whether it is facial rejuvenation treatments for people if you are concerned about the signs of ageing, to permanent make-up that restores definition and balance to your facial features.

Beauty Boutique vs Home Treatments – The Main Points

1)   Knowledge and Skill

One of the most compelling reasons to use a beauty boutique for your treatments, rather than doing it yourself, is that you are investing in the knowledge and skill of the practitioner. They have trained for many years to know exactly how to apply the treatment in a way that is safe for your skin and will bring the most impressive results.

Over the many years that our team has been working, they have come across all sorts of different customers with a range of different requirements and have gained experience in adjusting how they conduct treatments for the most beneficial results.

Not only does working with a professional help you make the most of your treatment, but it is also the safest option too. It is our professional duty to keep your safety at the forefront of our minds whenever we apply treatments.

Whenever you work with something as sensitive as skin, especially when using different chemicals, you have to be supremely careful. Because we do this every day, we are used to handling our job with care. At home, there are so many potential issues, especially if you are applying the treatment to yourself.

Think of it like building an extension. Yes, you could go to the builders’ merchants and buy all the bricks, cement and so on. But could you create a structure that was as well finished and safe as a professional could?

2)   The Opportunity to Learn

Of course, it’s not realistic to expect that everyone will get every single one of their treatments at a beauty boutique. But by mixing up salon appointments and home treatments, you can learn from the professionals and improve the effectiveness and safety of your own efforts.

We can talk you through advice on the best way to look after your particular skin type and how to ensure that the effects of your professional treatment last for as long as possible. We can also recommend products that we think will work best for your individual situation and which will allow you to make the most of your home beauty treatments before you come and visit us again.

3)   Take Time to Relax

beauty boutique

Another bonus of using a professional beauty salon for your treatments is that you get the opportunity to stop the chaos of daily life and relax for a while. Of course, you have treatments for the results that they help you achieve. But many people also enjoy the process of having treatments applied too.

Being pampered is great for taking you away from the rat race for a few minutes, having someone attend to you and apply their expert knowledge to help you feel great outside and in. It can be a therapeutic experience that is so good for alleviating stress and is perfect for your wellbeing

Booking a treatment at a beauty boutique gives you something to look forward to during a time when you know you are going to be busy and provides the perfect excuse to take yourself out of the stressful situation to look after yourself for an hour or so.

4)   Wide Array of Services

A beauty boutique has access to a wide range of services because it is our job to have that! If you were to collect all the necessary equipment and products to perform the same number of home treatments, you would need to build that extension we mentioned earlier!

We are always prepared to offer the treatments our valued customers want when they want them. This convenience is part of the appeal of having your treatments performed by a professional.

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