At Liberty Hall, we offer a host of treatments for your eyebrows and lashes. Whatever you are looking for to enhance that ever-important area around the eyes, we can help. One of our most popular treatments is for classic lashes.

This is a bespoke service that we tailor to each of our customers and enhances your eyes to create a stunning look just for you. Together, we work out the length, volume, and curl that will work best and we take it from there.

But what are classic lashes and how long do they last? You may have an array of questions about them and the good news is that we have the answers just for you.

What Are Classic Lashes?

Classic lashes work with your natural eyelashes to complement and enhance them. During the treatment, we apply one of our classic fluffy lashes to each one of your natural lashes in order to achieve the effect that you want for your look.

There are many different lengths and curls available, so you have a wide range from which to choose when you book a treatment.

The idea is to create a classic look with minimal maintenance to ensure your beauty regime is as streamlined as possible. No one needs to ever know that they are not all yours!

How Long Do They Last?

When you have your first classic lashes treatment, you would normally go for the full set of lashes. These will last for a few weeks before they start to fall out with your natural lashes, as you would expect.

The great thing is that you don’t have to wait until they have all disappeared and then start again. You can maintain your amazing classic look by booking in for infills every so often. This tops up the lashes and fills the gaps to make sure your lashes are always on point. How often you need infills depends on the cycle of natural growth in your lashes.

When you decide you want to try something else, you can book a removal and we will take them out for you, ready for your next lash adventure!

Who Are Classic Lashes Good For?

Classic lashes are perfect for anyone who wants their lashes to look great without having to spend precious minutes each morning applying mascara and other make-up. Just think what you could do by claiming back that time each day. You could spend longer asleep before heading out, or manage to make breakfasts and lunches for the family and still make it onto the school run in time.

For busy individuals, looking for an alternative to the early morning rush, classic lashes are the answer.

If your natural lashes are healthy, our fluffy lashes are great for extending that fullness and length, complementing what you already have and accentuating it.

If your eyelashes are particularly fine, you might not get on with classic lashes, but talk to us and we can advise you. Our highly trained and professional team tailors every lash treatment to the individual customer, making sure we provide the ideal service to you and your requirements. We prize the safety and happiness of our customers over all else.

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Are Classic Lashes Better For Your Lashes?

You might see some debate online about how suitable classic lash extensions are for your natural lashes. Of course, you have to be careful not to pull out the extensions, but then you wouldn’t purposefully pull out your natural eyelashes, so this is unlikely to happen.

With many years of experience in applying these lashes to our valued customers, we provide the safest possible service and make sure that we do no damage to your natural lashes. This is why it is always advisable to use a professional salon-like Liberty Hall to apply classic lashes, rather than trying to do it yourself at home.

Do These Lashes Look Natural?

The reason that so many people go for the classic lash look is because it seems so natural. Rather than making a huge statement, as with volume lashes, for example, the idea is that you will see a real difference with classic lashes, but not so that they look like extensions. They look as if you just have absolutely amazing natural lashes and people will be very jealous!

Classic lashes are a way of maintaining that stunning natural look without the maintenance and upkeep of recreating the perfect look every day.

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If you want classic lashes then Liberty Hall in Leicestershire is the place to come. We provide the full service from applying your initial set of classic extensions to infills and removals whenever you decide to move on to something else.

We talk to you about your needs and get to understand what you want from your treatments. Then we take you through the process in a professional and relaxed environment. You can book a classic lashes treatment right now through this link.

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