We all have our go-to home treatments, but nothing beats the feeling of getting a facial from a professional. It is a great chance to sit back, relax and let someone who is specially trained take charge of your skin, leaving you with that beautiful soft feeling and warm glow that can transform your day. If you want to get a facial in Leicester, Liberty Hall is the place to come.

This article explores the benefits of professional facials, from the obvious upsides for the condition of your skin to the positives for your mental health too. Getting a treatment from an expert is an all-round wellness activity and, as the go-to venue for facials in Leicester, we know how it transforms the wellbeing of our many happy customers.

What Are Facials?

When we use the term ‘facial’, we are talking about a range of skincare treatments that we use on your face. The aim of these treatments is to rid your skin of impurities, exfoliate you and eradicate dead skin, leaving you feeling great within yourself, with your skin feeling smooth and soft.

Facials can use steam, creams, lotions, peels and even massages in some cases to nourish and rejuvenate your face. We provide you with a specifically tailored facial in Leicester, ensuring that all of the elements that we use are just right for you and your skin type, and that you will gain the best possible result from your treatment.

If you are interested in one of our advanced facials, here are some great benefits of having them done.

4 Benefits of Facials in Leicester

  1. Professionally Cleanses Your Face

Of course, we all have some great home skincare routines that work for us and that we stick to religiously. And, whilst these are fine for the day-to-day, you need a professional to help you truly deep cleanse your skin. This is where the professional facial comes in.

Our skincare experts spend time using targeted ingredients to open up your pores and truly rid you of those impurities. With many years of training and experience working with customers, they know exactly what they are doing and can find the most efficient and effective methods to transform your skin in a way that is just not possible at home.

We get a whole range of people with a vast array of different skin types and tones seeking out a facial in Leicester. And this means that we know what will work best, whatever type of skin you have or the condition that it is in. This is why coming to a professional is the best course of action.

  • Reduce the Signs of Ageing

For our advanced facials, we use the dermatologist-developed brand Exuviance, which is internationally renowned for revolutionising the treatment of ageing skin by utilising the rejuvenating benefits of acids. This ground-breaking treatment helps us offer you a service that will reduce the signs of ageing on your face.

The fact is that we are all getting older, but those of us who commit to regular facial treatments are doing what we can to work with our skin to keep it smooth and glowing for longer. The Exuviance Professional superficial peeling system is proven to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Getting facials encourages the regeneration of cells and promotes collagen development, which helps you look younger. As we get older, we produce less collagen and that dries out our skin, which means that we form wrinkles. Getting a facial reverses this trend.

  • Relaxation and Mental Health Advantages

Getting a facial in Leicester with Liberty Hall is a great self-care activity. In our always-on world, we often forget to stop and let our brains rest. But that is vital to coping with the stresses and strains of life. If you are constantly glued to your phone or laptop, you can burn out quickly and your stress levels will rise considerably.

Having a facial is an opportunity to take time out for yourself. To sit back, away from your devices, and to have a professional work their magic on you. The peace that you can feel helps to centre yourself and reset your brain, ready for the next challenge once you leave the salon.

In fact, the mental health benefits of having a facial go beyond simply offering an opportunity to sit down. In 2008, the Journal of Biomedical Research found in a study of women receiving facials that having their faces massaged during the treatment decreased their anxiety and negative moods, whilst increasing their sympathetic nervous activity. This led to less stress and a greater opportunity to relax during and after their facial.

  • Visual Benefits

There are a number of visual benefits to having a facial treatment. You can eliminate your blackheads and whiteheads for a start, it evens your skin tone across your face, reduces any blemishes that you might have and leaves you with a radiant glow when you are finished.

If you have eye bags or dark circles, your facial can pay special attention to them. As the skin is thinner here than elsewhere, it is a delicate job that is definitely best left to the professionals and we can make sure that we treat this sensitive area carefully during our service providing facials in Leicester.

Book a Facial in Leicester

If these benefits of facials have made you excited about getting a treatment for yourself, you can book a facial in Leicester with Liberty Hall today. Select your treatment and choose a date and time to arrange an appointment and we will see you soon to help you enjoy all the great advantages of having a facial treatment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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