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Pamper your nails

Give your hands and feet the glow up they deserve – choosing from our mani and Pedi options – your fingers and toes will be revitalised!

Give your hands and feet the glow up they deserve!

Proven results

Medi Manicure – £37

Do your hand show your age? Hands are the first area of the body in which ageing appears; our Medi Manicure covers all aspects of healing and repairing tired hands, hands experiencing dehydration and sun damage; allow your hands to be revitalised and treated with love and care. Our LH Signature Medi Manicure targets ageing, dark spots, dry tired skin and yellowing brittle nails, using treatments with minerals, collagen and anti-ageing actives for youthful, deeply nourished hands.


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    Add Gel Polish


    Fancy a colour to go with your manicure. Add your favourite gel polish nail colour.

    Mini Manicure


    Nail, shape and Polish.

    Heated Mitts


    An anti-ageing heat treatment featuring a thermal exfoliant to leave hands looking radiant and polished.

    Dry cracked heels

    Medi Pedicure – £45

    Dry, cracked heels? A new generation medical pedicure for advanced results. It’s easy to neglect our feet with busy days and lifestyles; however, it’s so important to look after our feet, especially as we age. When trying to remove hard skin yourself, the friction created instructs our body to react intelligently and protect itself by causing a thick layer of callused skin. A professional Medi Pedicure will see your feet treated to a Chemical peel and a Collagen and Alpha hydroxy Acid Scrub to eliminate dry, cracked heels whilst nourishing and improving skin tone.

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    Add Gel Polish


    Fancy a colour to go with your manicure. Add your favourite gel polish nail colour.

    Mini Pedicure


    Nail, shape and Polish.

    Heated Booties


    An intensive moisture treatment for your feet. A soak, AHA exfoliant and nourishing foot perfector cream with heated booties.

    Gel Polish
    Proven results

    Gel Polish – £30

    Treat yourself to a gel polish manicure; for a rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and long-lasting glossy shine. Our gel polishes are Vegan and cruelty free.


      Gel Overlay – £35

      Our gel overlays are the perfect solution to weak, unevenly shaped nails. A properly applied strengthening gel overlay will correct nail imperfections resulting in a long-lasting chip free manicure.

      Gel Overlay

      IBX Manicure – £20

      An IBX Manicure is an intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity under any Gel Polish Coating or on top of the natural nail. It targets natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that may be preventing natural nails from growing long.

      This in salon treatment has two main benefits; healthy stronger natural nails and better adhesion of gel nails which will last even longer.


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        Our aesthetic beauty treatments are designed to enhance your natural beauty. We know the importance of a first impression and the confidence you feel when you look your best, however, there are many evolving beauty treatments in the industry therefore we continue to select the best to ensure you are perfectly polished and maintained to high standards.

        We specialise in natural-looking Permanent Make-up. Advanced Facials featuring clinically proven ingredients for healthy glowing skin. Eyebrow and Eyelash treatments such as LVL lashes and Classic Lash Extensions. Luxury waxing. Medi Manicures & Pedicures and long-lasting Gel Nails.

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