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Retinol Treatment

Would you like to achieve radiant, smooth, and plump skin, and have a firmer look, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles? We know that Retinol is one of the best known anti ageing skincare ingredients on the market and so we’re really excited to have added to our Skin treatment menu the newly launched Retinol Radiance Peel by Exuviance Professional.

The treatment focuses on the power of retinol along with Neoglucosamine and Poly hydroxyacids to peel, firm and exfoliate the skin.

The process

How it works

During the treatment, we apply a pure and stable retinol which penetrates the cell wall, converts to retinoic acid and activates cell reprogramming. What does this mean? The retinol treatment is formulated to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. It increases the production of collagen and elastin which begins to deplete as early as age 20 for collagen and elastin after the age 25. the reduction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid causes skin sagging, lines and wrinkles. The retinol radiance peel treatment works on restoring collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

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Benefits of Retinol


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


Plumps and firms skin


Improves skin tone and texture


Promotes a bright clear complexion


Fades age spots and other types of hyperpigmentation


Mature/ Photodamaged Skin
& Normal, Combination, Oily/Blemish Prone needing a fresh reveal.

What now

How The Treatment Works


Step 1

Select and book your Retinol Treatment (single treatment or course of 3).


Step 2

Use the free home care minis to prepare your skin for the treatment.


Step 3

Retinol treatment is performed.


Step 4

Use the home care provided to optimise the benefits of your Retinol treatment.

Review from…..

“I have been a customer of Liberty Hall for over 15 years, having gained confidence in their high standard of work and by the friendly welcoming atmosphere and quality of service offered. I had considered having my eyebrows done for some time due to severe overplucking in my youth leaving me with sparse, uneven brows, which I was very unhappy with. I would have been really nervous of having this treatment had it not been for my complete trust in the ability, talent and professionalism of Natalie and her team.

The experience was excellent from start to finish and each step of the procedure was explained with care and consideration. I would not hesitate in recommending Liberty Hall to all my friends and family, not just for this treatment, but for all the other services they offer too. It goes without saying that I am delighted with the results. It makes such a positive difference to my appearance, and I am beyond thrilled. I have eyebrows for the first time in twenty years!


Your Questions Answered

Are Retinol Peels Safe?

Our retinol peel from Exuviance Professional is completely safe. A thorough consultation will establish any contraindications such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. Retinol, when used correctly is clinically proven to successfully treat concerns such as wrinkles and lines, pigmentation, acne, and improving skin tone, clarity and texture.

Can Retinol make you peel?

The Retinol Radiance Peel treatment will usually result in very mild flaking and peeling from days 2-4 and could last up to a week. We include a mini skin kit of products containing essential skincare ingredients to apply following your peel to optimise the benefits of your treatment and to deeply hydrate minimising associated dryness.

How often should I have a Retinol Peel?

We recommend a course of 3 peels at 4-week intervals and include pre and post-treatment skin kits for enhanced results.

How do I look after my skin following a Retinol Peel?

A good quality broad spectrum SPF is essential following your Retinol peel. On purchasing a course of 3 peels we include a mini skin kit where we have selected essential ingredients that optimise the benefits of your peel such as a multitasking anti-ageing broad spectrum SPF day cream to protect skin from harmful UV rays & Vitamin C (which is an essential ingredient for collagen production).

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